best things to sell online in 2020

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You’ve read articles about people who are making money selling products online and they rave about how you can make money selling products on Amazon or Shopify. 

You’re skeptical, and you decide to dig deeper. How do you actually sell products online? What are the best things to sell online? How much can you actually make? How quickly can you start selling items?

And that’s why you’re here — reading this blog and trying to figure out the answers to some of those questions.

Chances are, if you dig around long enough, you will have stumbled on countless posts claiming they know the best things to sell online and include a list of products you can start selling. The problem with these lists is that they are garbage because they are just spitting out a bunch of products that people are already selling! Let me explain what is wrong with that…

high competition products

High Competition

These lists are made a few different of ways.

  1. Using the products that they see on a lot of Shopify stores
  2. Look at the best seller lists on Amazon
  3. Best selling items on Aliexpress, Oberlo, or Spocket

These lists are great to get your creative juices going, but they aren’t really going to be good products to sell because there are so many people already selling these products. They basically just curated a list of the most competitive products to try to sell because these are lists of products already being sold by so many people.

Unreliable Data

The harsh reality is that these lists are made by somebody who is a content marketing person. Or a blogger. So they are using a very manual process to pick these products. What is their criteria on whether or not it is a good product? They don’t normally share what the criteria was, or how they came to the conclusion these products are the best things to sell online. So chances are, they don’t have good criteria or good data to come to their conclusions.

No Supplier Info

Another issue is that their product suggestions don’t have any supplier recommendations. There’s no burden on them to pick products that can easily be sourced. So even if the product idea was good, you likely won’t be able to find a supplier to get started with. 

trending product for 2020

The Solution

So, what can you do to find the best things to sell online? That’s where we come in…

We’ve built a unique business that utilizes the best big data suppliers on the internet to discover trends before everybody else.

Is there a niche product that people are starting to talk about across social media? We know about it.
Youtube videos going viral surrounding a certain type of product? We know about it.
Facebook groups popping up around a certain product category? We know about it.

We use information gathered from hundreds of millions of data signals all across the internet to discover real, valid, trending products. But we don’t stop there… we also match those trending products with suppliers for both dropshipping and wholesale. 
Here’s what you get with Phirst:

  1. Product trends delivered to your inbox every month.
  2. Suppliers for dropshipping so you can start selling right away.
  3. Suppliers for wholesale so you can private label and sell on sites like Amazon.
  4. Launch products right as they are going viral.
  5. Be ahead of your competition by getting the product trends before they are popular.

If you want to see how Phirst can give you winning products with low competition, I recommend you check out our guide on finding products to sell on Amazon. We show how you can use both first and Jungle Scout to find a product idea and validate it.

If you want product ideas for selling online that have valid, high-quality data backing those ideas, you should sign up for our service.

You can do so by visiting our homepage at

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