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How many articles have you read trying to find that perfect niche to start selling? How many Top 10/20 lists have you read for the best products to sell in 2020? I like to call this part of the process of selling online, the niche hunter phase.

I’m going to give you some niche ideas in this post that are relevant, NEW, and backed by the data of hundreds of millions of behavior signals that we track across the internet. Some of these niches didn’t make our emailed reports, but are still great niches to explore. Once you pick one of these, head over to our article on how to use jungle scout and phirst to validate a product. That will show you step by step on how to validate your product idea.

Remember… this isn’t just some random list… this is backed by data!

Okay niche hunters… let’s go!

Niche Products for 2020 (Covid-19 edition)

Covid-19 has transformed society, at least for the short term. All sorts of trends are now exploding that were just stagnant or level before the global pandemic. These niche trends below have all exploded due to COVID-19.

Jogger Scrubs

sell jogger scrubs suppliers
This is one of the best products we’ve found to date. I wrote an article on validating this product to sell on Amazon. (how to use jungle scout and phirst to validate a product)

Hospital workers are usually spending their own money on their scrubs, so have decided to start looking for higher quality clothes to wear at work that have pockets, elastic ankles, and many other features. 

Inline Skates

This product is in our latest (June 2020) report. We are seeing exploding growth in this product category right now. This isn’t because it is summer, because it far exceeds demand from the last 4 summers. We are seeing a huge demand in different outdoor activities due to COVID-19, and that is fueling the large uptick in demand for inline skates.

Neck Gaiters

Here is another one that has been exploding, and rightfully so. These people who purchase neck gaiters are doing so because it has multiple uses. These customers consider themselves to be thrifty and use their logic of being cost-effective when justifying a purchase.

Sneeze Guards

This is more of a B2B trend right now. I’m not sure about where you live, but I live in California and I can see this trend exploding right in front of me. Every business has these plastic shields up at drive-thrus and inside at the registers. There is such a large demand for these large plastic shields due to COVID-19, that they are up over 1,000% year over year.

Resin molds – Crafting
resin mold suppliers
Resin molds are a special craft designed to do at home. These kits come with everything you need, but are a bit messy. Typically, a better age group for using these kits are 10+ for kids. However, make sure you are targeting the parents, or even better, the grandparents, while advertising these kits online. There is still a lot of room to begin selling these because we aren’t seeing too many advertisements. Getting creative with advertising such as showing up some fun creations on YouTube can also help acquire customers and generate some buzz.

Bidet converter kit

bidet converter suppliers
This trend was most popular in March when the lack of toilet paper was so widespread. However, this is looking like a trend that is going to stay. Buzz for bidets has dropped a lot since March, but still trending and still being seen twice as much as the prior 5 years. One thing that is still very hot, is the bidet converter kit. Unlike the bidet, the converter kit is for more price-conscious shoppers, and seems to be a more permanent solution to the consumer demand for bidets.

Free weights (Dumbbells)
dumbbells supplier

Dumbbells have been a go-to home workout piece of equipment for a long time. With COVID-19, this has only increased the demand for this product type. With states still shutting down gyms, such as Arizona which just shutdown gyms starting today (June 30th), workout equipment trends are still strong. With social awareness of bacteria, viruses, etc. at an all-time high, some people believe trends such as staying away from gyms and other high-touch places may become more permanent. Starting an at-home workout equipment niche may be a smart move right now.

Chest freezers

chest freezer suppliers
It is not surprise that people are stocking up more when they go to the grocery store. Every trip to the store we are seeing everybody in masks and that is giving us the lovely reminder that the pandemic is not over. To limit visits to the store, consumers are buying freezers and buying more items per visit than in the past.

Bread loaf pan
bread loaf pan suppliers

One of the more viral “fun” topics on social media during this pandemic has been baking bread. A topic that has been stagnant for the last few years has seen a huge surge both in search and on places like YouTube. The best way to stand out in this category would be to offer a bread pan that is different than the types you see at Walmart. Having nice designs that are picture-friendly can add to the social media posts of your customers and generate more buzz.

Hair color remover
color remover suppliers

Last but not least, we come to hair care products. With salons shutdown in many states, people are forced to become their own personal hair stylist. With that, comes many mistakes in trying to color your own hair. Starting up a niche in the hair care category can capitalize on this current trend. Bundling hair color with hair color remover can also set you apart from others on marketplaces such as Amazon.

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